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Do You Like Any of These 2020 Bathroom Trends? Find the Best Options for Your Bathroom Redesign

Do You Like Any of These 2020 Bathroom Trends? Find the Best Options for Your Bathroom Redesign

We’re more than halfway through 2020 and have seen some interesting bathroom trends so far. We will outline some of the most popular and are curious: What do you think of them? Whether you want to follow them or choose classic choices, you can count on Mission West Kitchen & Bath to offer the best selection of high-quality bathroom remodel products in the area.

Showers Are Taking Over Baths

We have seen a significant increase in the number of showers people are installing compared to bathtubs. In particular, thresholdless showers are becoming much more popular, with some installers saying they now make up more than 50% of their installations. They also note that nearly 90% of baths have showerheads and hand showers. This makes it easier not just to use the shower but to clean it too.

White and Gray Has Become a Popular Color Scheme

Neutrals have always been popular but this year, white and gray are even more popular than usual. White on white is popular too, for those who want a very clean, fresh look. However, when homeowners want an option that is not totally white, they might add a nice gray pop, or even a pop of blue or pink. White and gray also offer lots of choices whether you want metallic, wood, or another type of plumbing fixtures.

Spa-Style Bathrooms

There are many homeowners who want to have their own spa-like bathroom – and who could blame them? This might include floating vanities that can show off large, beautiful tiles, oversized bathtubs that are large enough for a family of four, and even bidets and other specialty options. We are also seeing many wood-like vinyl options that offer the beauty of wood without the concern for water damage.

Smart Technology

Yes, people really do want technology everywhere. Smart bathroom technology includes music that can be streamed through Bluetooth speakers, concealed USB and charging ports, voice commands to control the water, self-cleaning toilets, sensors for faucets and lighting, touch screen mirrors, and much more. New options are coming out every day but what is not changing is one simple thing: People are always on the lookout for a new way to make their home techier.

We Can Help You Find the Best Trends and More

If you are looking for the best trends in California and beyond, Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 can help. Feel free to call us now to learn about the options or to find out when our showroom can be open to you. We look forward to helping you design the perfect bathroom that you’ll love for years to come.