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Find Out How Difficult It Would Be for You to Relocate Your Toilet During a Bathroom Remodel

Find Out How Difficult It Would Be for You to Relocate Your Toilet During a Bathroom Remodel

If you are planning a bathroom remodel then you are likely considering ways that you can improve not just the look but the functionality of your bathroom. For some, this may involve moving the plumbing fixtures around. It may be that the benefits outweigh the hassle but we do want all customers to understand the potential complications of moving a toilet.

Factors to Consider When Determining if You Can Move Your Toilet

The main reason you would not want to move a toilet is that keeping the same layout in the bathroom is the most cost effective option. It also reduces mess and means you can likely complete the bathroom remodel much faster. That said, sometimes the way a bathroom is laid out will not make sense after a remodel.

Some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to move their toilet are that the toilet was awkwardly positioned, they want added privacy when on the toilet, they don’t like the aesthetics of where it is currently located, or they want to make room for another, larger structure like a new bathtub.

What is Involved in Moving a Toilet?

If you decide that it makes sense to move your toilet, you can certainly do so. You will need both an experienced plumber and a bathroom design professional. The main issues with moving the toilet involve plumbing problems like changes to the drainage, venting, and water supply. You will also likely need to open up some spaces, such as the floor or the wall. This requires additional construction work, which can be expensive.

The first thing the plumber will do is to remove the toilet from the bathroom. They’ll then move the drainage and the water supply so that it can work with the toilet in the new location. Moving the drainage is more involved but your plumber should be able to handle it. Depending on what is under your toilet, it may be required to dig up to move the plumbing if it is on a concrete slab.

The Bottom Line: Should You Move Your Toilet?

If the current location of your toilet does not work for you and you are prepared for the cost and hassle of moving the toilet, then go right ahead. Remember that the bathroom design experts at Mission West Kitchen & Bath can help you find the right toilet fixtures, vanities, and everything else you need for your new bathroom. Call us at (626) 799-3503 for more information.