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What’s the Best Material for Your Brand-New Bathtub? We Can Help You Decide

What’s the Best Material for Your Brand-New Bathtub? We Can Help You Decide

It wasn’t long ago that if you needed a new bathtub, you had a few alternatives and the procedure was rather straightforward. They now have technology that will make your head spin, but they also have a half-dozen other materials to pick from! While this may appear daunting at first, it is actually excellent news since every client of Mission West Kitchen & Bath will be able to discover a material that suits them.

Continue reading to discover more about the key choices and how to make a decision. Then give us a call at (626) 799-3503 or visit one of our bathroom and kitchen fixture showrooms to see many of these possibilities in person.

Tubs made of acrylic

The key benefits of an acrylic tub are that it is lightweight and shiny. This is the sort of plastic you’re probably familiar with from bathtubs. The biggest disadvantage of acrylic is that it scratches readily; nevertheless, when compared to cast iron or metal, it is also very easy to fix. Acrylic is versatile and can be molded into a number of shapes, making it a popular choice.

Tubs made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic

Because they have a gelcoat on top, they are frequently incredibly glossy – almost dazzling. This makes them very easy to clean and allows them to be created in a wide range of forms. Fiberglass is therefore a popular material for air tubs and bespoke whirlpools. The disadvantage is that they aren’t as long-lasting as some other solutions. A single accident, for example, might destroy this sort of material if the impact was significant enough.

Tubs made of cast iron

Yes, you’re probably thinking of cast iron for frying bacon, but it’s also a terrific material for creating tubs. It’s highly long-lasting and usually comes with a beautiful porcelain enamel finish. The disadvantage is that you must use non-abrasive cleansers and that you cannot clean this type of tub forcefully without damaging the enamel. In reality, no matter what you do, the enamel will wear away over time, causing the cast iron to rust.

Finally, bear in mind that cast iron’s weight means it retains heat far longer and more effectively than other materials, but it also means you’ll need to put it somewhere with plenty of support.

Tubs made of composite materials

Composite tubs, which are built of a variety of materials, are another popular option for modern bathtubs. In most situations, the composite – also known as the infrastructure – is used to create the bathtub, and then the enamel is used to cover it. The goal is to create a bathtub that is as robust as a cast iron tub and can retain heat as well, but weighs less. They can weigh as little as a third of the weight of a cast iron tub.

Feel free to swing by Mission West Kitchen & Bath or contact us at (626) 799-3503 if you have any questions regarding other materials or the ones listed above. Our knowledgeable team is eager to assist you with your project!