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You Deserve a Bright and Beautiful Kitchen: Learn How You Can Add Pops of Color

You Deserve a Bright and Beautiful Kitchen: Learn How You Can Add Pops of Color

The start of the new year has brought with it some truly unique and interesting kitchen designs. Case in point, the trend for bright, vibrant colors. If you want to get rid of your white, black, or another neutral kitchen, but you don’t want to go full-color wheel, here are a few ideas to help you add a pop of color. Remember that at Mission West Kitchen & Bath we can help you with all your kitchen design needs.

Bring in a Bold Countertop

One of the best ways to add a unique shot of color to your kitchen is to add a bold, colorful countertop. You can choose from a variety of manufacturers and many materials. For example, engineered quartz is affordable, durable, and can come in just about any color you want it to. Terrazzo is another colorful option that is a great choice if you want a retro look.

Add Color Through New Flooring

You don’t have to choose boring flooring. You can instead pick tiles that come in rich shades and dark grouting. We particularly like terrazzo floor tiles, especially when surrounded by dark wood. Cement floors are becoming more popular too, because they are eco-friendly and stylish. They can also be stained any color you want.

Choose Colorful Appliances

Most homeowners only think of practicality when they choose their new appliances. While you do of course need an appliance that meets your needs, in today’s market you can also choose truly unique and colorful appliances. Whether you want a primary color or a fun design, you can likely find something that is perfect for your style.

Open Shelving Lets You Show Your Style Anyway You’d Like

You don’t have to make permanently colorful decisions to add color. You can instead find ways to show off your colorful dishes or another décor. You can paint, tile, or wallpaper behind the shelves. You can even paint the shelves if you would like. No matter how you choose to do it, this is a unique way to show off what you love about your colorful kitchen.

Look for Colorful Sinks

A new sink is another subtle way of adding color to your kitchen décor. You can choose from just about any color from rose to black to yellow. You can choose smooth finishes, matte finishes, or even hammered finishes that offer bright and shiny looks.

No matter what your needs are for your new kitchen design, there is one thing you can count on: Mission West Kitchen & Bath is here to help. With a wide selection, experienced associates who can help you find the right options for your needs, and a commitment to the best prices and excellence for our clients, we are the right company to work with.